TFL Portfolio - page 10-11

We have the ability to
unlock significant commercial
value and regeneration.
This is a unique opportunity
to shape London’s future.
Steve Allen, Managing Director, Finance, TfL
The opportunity
Our property portfolio is significant; it is diverse
and high profile. To maximise our assets,
we recognise that we need to draw on the
skills and expertise of partners. This presents
an exciting opportunity.
We are seeking to establish a framework
consisting of a small number of parties that can
help us transform our estate. These partners
will have the chance to play a central role in
shaping a sustainable future for London.
There is a broad range and scale of assets
within our portfolio. It includes:
Listed buildings that offer the
opportunity for residential conversion
Mixed use and residential developments
over stations and depots
Major regeneration schemes in urban centres
Brownfield developments in inner
and outer London
Potential initial opportunities include prime sites
in South Kensington, Bermondsey, Kidbrooke,
Parsons Green and St George’s Circus (Southwark).
The sites are of huge importance to the Capital.
They also provide an opportunity to generate
revenue while helping us to achieve our aim
of supporting the growth of jobs and housing
in London.
We are eager to ensure our assets are used
in a way that benefits the wider community,
so will drive a strong commitment to sustainable
development and corporate responsibility.
Our operating businesses will work alongside
the Property Development team and our
partners to deliver high-quality schemes.
We are focused on transforming our assets
and the customer and transport environment,
while respecting our core business of operating
a safe and efficient transport network.
More than
50 opportunities
to explore
with partners.
More than
70 short-listed
opportunities for
the next 10 years.
We own around
5,700 acres.
More than 400
investment and
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