TFL Portfolio - page 6-7

Commercial development
of our assets sits alongside
reliability and customer service
as key objectives for my
senior leadership team and me.
Our commercial
We are looking at ambitious and creative ways
to make the most of our commercial estate so
we can increase the level of income we receive
from our assets.
Setting up for success
We have spent time understanding the assets we
own and how best these can be commercialised.
It is clear that the opportunities are enormous,
but we need to transform our approach to
ensure the success of our strategy. As a result,
the Commercial Development team is being
strengthened with dedicated finance and
commercial support. We are also setting up
a non-executive group with leading figures
from the property and commercial fields.
The operating businesses are, of course, critical
to delivering successful development. We also
recognise that the new commercial approach can
enhance our operational assets, for instance by
including step-free access at stations. Teams have
therefore been set up in Rail & Underground and
Surface Transport to support our commercial and
asset development activity.
The work we have done ensures we will be able
to work effectively and efficiently with partners
who will bring the skills and experience to enable
us to unlock the value of our unique portfolio.
Mike Brown, Managing Director, London Underground and London Rail
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