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Every day, our
transport network
supports more than
30 million journeys.
London’s population
is set to rise from
8.4 million today to
nearly 10 million by 2030.
Looking to the future
At Transport for London (TfL) we are responsible
for the day-to-day operation of the Capital’s public
transport network, managing the city’s main roads
and planning and building new infrastructure.
We run the Tube network, London Overground,
buses, Docklands Light Railway, trams, the Cycle
Hire scheme, the Emirates Air Line and Victoria
Coach Station. We license taxis and private hire
vehicles and manage London River Services.
We also own around 5,700 acres across the
Capital, including buildings, land attached to
Tube stations, railways and highways. So in
addition to being responsible for more than
30 million journeys every day, we are one of
London’s largest landowners.
With the city’s population continuing to expand,
there is a vital need to invest in both existing
and new infrastructure. This is why we are
undertaking one of the largest investment
programmes ever to improve London’s roads
and public transport system.
The multi-billion pound Tube upgrade plan,
plus the introduction of Crossrail from 2018,
will provide 30 per cent more capacity across
our rail networks. Other innovative transport
solutions are also scheduled, including the
launch of the Night Tube in September 2015.
We are committed to developing the opportunities
within our property portfolio, while delivering
environmental and social benefits for London.
TfL’s role is to look to
the future, ensuring that
transport continues to
support jobs, homes
and economic growth
across the Capital and the
UK. The ambitious plans
to redevelop some of
TfL’s land and assets
presents a fantastic
opportunity to support
this important work.
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London
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