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Sir Peter Hendy CBE
Transport for London
With the Capital’s population set to reach
nine million by 2018 and 10 million by 2030,
it is essential that we continue to invest in
our transport network to enable this growth
and support London for the benefit of our
and the UK’s economy.
So we are taking an increasingly commercial
approach to the way we operate.
The potential that should be unlocked from
our stations and other property will make
a real contribution to the city, providing
much needed new housing and office space,
as well as improving the retail offer in and
around our stations for our customers and users.
All the revenue we raise will be reinvested to
improve the transport networks in London.
Our Commercial Development Directorate
will form long-term strategic partnerships to
capitalise on our assets. Working together,
we will make the most of our commercial
opportunities to improve our customers’ and
users’ experience and the transport environment.
We are excited to be part of this ambitious venture.
The partners we select will play a central role in
shaping London’s future and I look forward to
seeing projects as they develop to realise this vision.
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