TFL Portfolio - page 18-19

What are we looking for?
We want to work with the
best organisations in the
world – people who are as
passionate as we are about
London, and who will work
in partnership with us in the
years ahead to transform
the city.
We operate from 435 stations
including Tube stations, bus
stations, London Overground
stations, DLR stations and piers.
There are 270 Tube
stations and we
manage 260 of these.
Graeme Craig, Director of Commercial Development, TfL
We want to establish a framework of partners to
develop our assets over a 10-year Business Plan.
We propose selecting a small number of partners
with whom we can develop long-standing,
strategic relationships to deliver our commercial
aspirations while enhancing the transport network.
We would like to receive proposals from parties
with the funding, skills and experience to work
with us to achieve our vision. They will need
the required technical expertise plus a track
record in delivering successful, high-quality
projects in London.
Many of the sites in our property portfolio link
with existing transport infrastructure, so it will
be important for partners to demonstrate their
ability to work with our operational teams to
develop efficient solutions.
We have a number of important corporate values
that focus on maximising the environmental,
social and economic benefits of our operations
while minimising the negative impacts. We expect
our partners to complement and support these
values in the true spirit of partnership.
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